I made this for Navi and her little bee and bunny friends c:

buns: 8y bees: :::::::::D

oh my goooose! thanks for the draw friend! its real neat :^D

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Ocean Spray- So about that portal…



:O noot noot!!

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#thanks for the feature friend!


row one: sexxi bbz, skype pony, navi

row two: disloyal dash, two filly princess, rainbow

row threee: banana rampager, flower seller, afterimage

                                     thanks for 110 followers ♡^▽^♡

aaa how’d i not see this before? Thanks for including navi, ‘tis adorable! and congrats on 110 followers, friend! may ya have many more ta come \ovo/ !!

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#cool horsies 10/10 would recommend following #RELEASE THE CELEBRATION BEES
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cutencreatures replied to your post:

I enjoy chicken, the feel of it. The sound of it as it sensually leans against the pole, drawing it’s legs together as the chicken caresses its strong torso. Slowly peeling away a piece of thin fabric on it’s body. I enjoy chicken strips

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listen here u heck

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