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wearing the skin of your FREINDSSSSSS XD


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((hello friends im gonna try an answer the asks ive been meaning to answer since like 50 years ok *glides into sun*))
navi: you know what
mod: wha-
navi: *shoves mod off cliff*
navi: i am in charge now free honey for everyone

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I made this for Navi and her little bee and bunny friends c:

buns: 8y bees: :::::::::D

oh my goooose! thanks for the draw friend! its real neat :^D

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Ocean Spray- So about that portal…



:O noot noot!!

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#thanks for the feature friend!


row one: sexxi bbz, skype pony, navi

row two: disloyal dash, two filly princess, rainbow

row threee: banana rampager, flower seller, afterimage

                                     thanks for 110 followers ♡^▽^♡

aaa how’d i not see this before? Thanks for including navi, ‘tis adorable! and congrats on 110 followers, friend! may ya have many more ta come \ovo/ !!

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#cool horsies 10/10 would recommend following #RELEASE THE CELEBRATION BEES
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